May 12, 2010

The 31 Dates

I kicked off 2009 (and my 31st year) with a dating challenge that I hoped would teach me something about where I was going wrong in my relationships. I wanted to learn quickly and learn from the best. I developed an intense one month "master's class in men" and enrolled myself. My teachers: 30 incredible single men who were willing to take me on a first date and have a fun time in New York City.

My 31st date fell on Valentine's Day, 2009. With the help of faithful blog readers/voters, one man was chosen for an incredible second date to Broadway's hottest ticket in town and dinner at one of the Upper West Side's finest.

When I started this project, I had no intentions of finding a boyfriend. In fact, I had no idea what would happen. I just wanted to learn something. What I found was more than I could have ever imagined! Would you believe one of these former bachelors is now my husband??

Check out my 31 life-changing dates! You can find out the back-story soon when my book is published in 2011! (Thanks to Seal Press!)

Date #1 - Rob from Long Island
Date #2 - Joel: more than friends?
Date #3 - Chris and the Knicks
Date #4 - Ryan praises Harlem
Date #5 - Adam in TVland
Date #6 - Evan bails me out
Date #7 - Jared from Minnesota
Date #8 - Allen gives A.D.D. a good name
Date #9 - Giant Jon is a big kid
Date #10 - Billy from the internet
Date #11 - Jason heats up the dancefloor
Date #12 - Christian the comedian
Date #13 - Michael is a brainiac
Date #14 - Tyler, the doctor from DC
Date #15 - Gabriel climbs to the top
Date #16 - Brian the dating pro
Date #17 - Peter and the Park
Date #18 - Jonathan, so dreamy
Date #19 - Kevin from work
Date #20 - Collin tries 31 flavors
Date #21 - Juan-Carlos schools me
Date #22 - Derek changes the game
Date #23 - Jeremiah, the yin to my yang
Date #24 - Mike from Portland, Oregon
Date #25 - Jared from Boston
Date #26 - Dan and me, the cougar
Date #27 - Nick signs a lease on my heart
Date #28 - Tyson tours Chinatown
Date #29 - Andrew, a broken foot heals my heart
Date #30 - Scott scopes out Staten Island
Date #31 - My second date (and now-husband!)

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Natasha and Jesse said...

I'm very excited for the book!!

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