Speaking & Coaching

                                ~Speaking Engagements~

As a professional speaker, I've shared my stories and inspiring lessons with groups of all ages, needs, and sizes. I'm happy to help with your next event, whether it's in person or even via an internet presentation.

Some examples of past speaking engagements:
UCLA: Panhellenic Association Awards Ceremony
Roanoke College: The Women's Forum
Sacramento Singles Night
Charlotte, NC Ladies' Book Club
DC Singles Institute Class
San Diego Chi Omega Alumnae Eleusinia
Orange County Singles Conference
Brigham Young University: Singles Fireside

If you're interested in inviting me to speak at a conference, an event, or even a private party, email me at 31datesin31days(at)gmail.com for pricing and scheduling.

~One-on-One Coaching and Consultations~

Whether you're new to dating, just getting back in the game, or sick of the dating life you've been dealt, I'm here to help you get focused and moving toward the love and dating life you're tired of waiting for.
Ever since I created my own 31 DATES IN 31 DAYS dating-to-marriage miracle, I've been devoting my time to helping others transform their love lives. As a Certified Relationship Coach, I will help you tap into your own magic and mojo to create the love life you've been dreaming of. No more feeling like you're wasting your time and getting the same disappointing results. It's time to get you in the limelight of your love life.

My clients are typically successful individuals who've achieved a lot in their lives, but things just don't seem to be working out as well when it comes to the world of dating and relationships. These clients are smart, savvy singles who are looking for CHANGE. Whether it's as simple as some tweaking to a dating profile or finding a whole new way to date, I'll help you through the journey of turning what seems like a dating "mess" into SUCCESS.
I offer several packages to help you get the dating results you need. Let's work together to find the best one for you.

The One-Month Dating Makeover:
You've talked to all of your friends and you've listened to all the advice you can handle. All you really want is just to get started and make things happen in your love and dating life. You don't want some canned responses from people telling you what to do. Instead, you need to get to the bottom of what's really going on with you so you can finally move forward. 
This is a short-term, personalized coaching package that will finally get you moving in the direction you've been dreaming of. 

*four One-Hour sessions (via phone or Skype) over the course of a month
*Our first session consists of a Dating Audit, where we discuss your dating history, your ideal relationship, and your next big hope for your love life
*We'll devise a personalized program for you based on your needs and your goals
*Tips and tools catered to your specific needs
*Receive follow-up emails and instant feedback (for those moments of dating crisis everyone has at some point).
I will be your personal coach and go-to-gal as you go through your romance renaissance.

Pick My Brain:
You don't want to spend weeks mulling over things. You want answers NOW. And you could really use a non-biased opinion from someone other than your friends. All you're looking for is a little advice on what's been going on lately and you want help from someone who's done extensive research on dating and relationships, is certified to coach, and is passionate about helping you get quick results. Let me help you get unstuck.
This is a single, 75-minute session, on the phone or via Skype worldwide. You get to ask me any questions you want and I'll help you get to the bottom of what's going on and which direction to go. In just 75 minutes, we'll get your issue all sorted out and have you back on track!

Real-life questions that I've helped people sort out in 75 minutes (or less):
     *I've just been dumped and am so heartbroken. What happened?
     *I'm about to start a dating project like yours and would love some help. Any advice?
     *What in the world is this guy really thinking?
     *How do I find more girls to date?
     *I'm finally getting back into dating after a long hiatus. What am I getting myself into?
     *I want to publish a book too. Where do I start?          
     *How do I get into the news business?

So what's been boggling your mind?

Dating Boot Camp
What's holding you back from hosting your own dating challenge? Have you thought about taking on 31 Dates in 31 Days? Or how about just five dates in five days?
Still too scary? How about starting with just ONE date that's different than what you're used to?

You've heard of speed dating. Welcome to endurance dating.
Dating Boot Camp is based on my dating project, 31 Dates in 31 Days. It focuses on first dates, setting aside old mindsets, meeting new people and experiencing new adventures in your city. While you can book your calendar for all 31 dates, you might only have time for a mini version, such as five dates in five days or 10 dates in two weeks.
My biggest suggestion: if you think you can only do three dates in three days, push further. Shoot for a higher number of dates than you're thinking AND try to clump them closer together. There are a slew of reasons for this, which I explain further in my book.

*I'll send you a FREE copy of my 31 Dates in 31 Days "Dating Boot Camp" Starter Kit. It'll help you organize your project, answer some of your questions, find dates, and will keep you focused.*

Me, begging for dates
You might be thinking, How will I get THAT many people to go out with me?
This is the most common question I hear. I asked myself the same question throughout my project. In fact, that picture on the left is of me holding up an "Available?" sign right as I kicked off my 31 Dates in 31 Days in New York City.

If you need help, I'm here. I promise I won't let you get to the point of begging for dates on the street. But I do promise that if you commit to the project, your calendar will fill. So how will you find people to accompany you on those empty nights? I will help you discover the secrets to getting dates.

I've had dozens of clients take on this dating challenge and every one has said it's been worth it.
Just check out the testimonials below!          

SO. Are you ready to date differently???
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Congrats on your next adventure. Happy Dating!
~ Tam
"It worked!!! I am getting married to #31!! Thank you so much giving me the idea! You will forever be part of our "meeting story" and I am so appreciative!.... I would do this again, hands down!! It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I would suggest anyone to do it!!"
Janelle, Las Vegas

"Date #1 was great! Seriously I can't believe the difference! Reading your book has changed my dating world."
Laura, Seattle

"I’ve become more comfortable dating. Just going on a lot of dates makes it simple and takes away a lot of the anxiety that I’ve experienced in the past. That in turn makes it more comfortable for [the girls] as well."
Marcus, New York City

"I would DEFINITELY do it again. I went out with 25 amazing guys and had a great time with every single one of them."
Bek, Salt Lake City
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