January 15, 2009

First Date - Rob

Snowfall fell onto the city this morning, setting an appropriate scene for a fresh start. It also meant that today's plans would be in for a definite change.

I was so nervously excited about my first date that I realized an hour after leaving home that I had put on two different earrings. Luckily I carry a spare matching pair in my purse for such an absent-minded occasion.

Originally, Rob and I had planned to head to Central Park and see if we could get a carriage ride. But this is what Central Park looked like.
And there were no horses or carriages to be seen.
We had come up with a few backup plans but then I spotted something on the internet that really looked interesting.

My nerves continued to grow throughout the day. There was breaking news and I was concerned I might get stuck at work. "Was it a sign?", I thought.
I took a few moments seriously considering throwing in the towel to this whole project, thinking that I was fairly crazy for taking this on.

I knew nothing about Rob except that his name was Rob. I had his email address and eventually I had his phone number.

I didn't even know how we had found each other. My friend, Katie, had sent a few guys my way, but I wasn't sure if she actually knew any of them.

Thirty minutes before our date I received a phone call from Rob and learned something about him: Rob was going to be someone I liked. His rich rumbling voice struck me instantly. At that point I knew nothing more than the fact that I could be entertained listening to him read the back of a cereal box and that I would meet him soon.

I think that made me even more nervous.

I donned my hat and coat and made my last-minute rounds to my co-workers. "I'm leaving for my date now!"
They were excited but were a little wary of the fact that I knew so little about him. "If you don't show up tomorrow, what else will we be able to tell the police? All you know is his name?"
I'm glad I took the risk.

I left work and saw that the weather had warmed and the fresh palette of the snow had disappeared.

I arrived at the south end of Columbus Circle to see a handsome man with an inviting smile. All of my nervousness was calmed. And then he offered me a long-stem rose. It was the perfect welcome to my first date.

We walked into the doors of a venue that has only been open for a few months: The Museum of Art and Design. The museum is typically $15 per person for admission. But during the evening hours, they recommend a donation of $10, but it is pay what you like. Rob and I thought the recommended amount was great.

We headed upstairs and saw some really great artwork. I quickly learned that I was not allowed to take pictures of anything, so you'll have to take my word for it that some of the artwork was really cool. We debated which ones we liked better: the eight-foot-tall pyramid made of rubber-banded plastic spoons or the Christmas tree-sized lighted lily made of plastic forks? There were funky murals crafted from bottle caps, a 12-foot-tall shadowed profile made of disposable combs, wall-sized computerized pictographs, and a swirling stack of old chairs. My most favorite was a series of gift bags with meticulously cut out pieces used to create tiny trees that mimicked the clever craftsmanship of fretwork on an old building.

As we walked throughout the museum I learned that there was much more to this guy than just a stunning voice and a one-syllable name. Rob is 30 and from Long Island. He's a financial computer programmer with a business background. And he keeps busy.
Rob is a once-sponsored skateboarder turned snowboarder. He owns two motorcycles. He knows how to fix cars. And likely your computer. He works out regularly (which you can tell from his strong stature), and he likes to spend his free time with friends he's had forever.

At first I took him for the ulti-male. But he plays sports and doesn't watch them. In fact, there's little television that he watches. And he has this subtle yet keen sense of humility that is truly enchanting.
Rob listens. He's gentle yet he holds this strong force that drives him to work hard. He has big dreams and will accomplish anything he wants.

As we wrapped up our tour of the museum I found myself feeling as if I hadn't talked with him nearly enough, so we sat for a little bit at one of the many Starbucks in Manhattan. A warm drink would do us well.
The temperature had dropped considerably. I felt a cool breeze tapping my neck every time the shop's door would open.
The day's changing weather had played in my favor.


luminainfinite said...

ooh he's cute! AND an Art Museum!!! THAT IS THE MOST ROMANTIC place that I can think of. How did it end? Did he kiss yoU????

Elena said...

YAY FOR YOU!!!!!!! I am so excited about this!

Jas said...

Camera, your project is awesome (equivalent to taking an awesomeness class), pursue it to completion, no holds barred.

Ummm, ... okay, so Lauren said I can go on a date with you.
Here's how we'll run it; you'll get a dating experience out of it, and I'll get to practice my NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).

1.The date will be entirely on your tab (and I'll plan for it to be under $31), including transportation.
2.I'll provide the whole itinerary.
3.We wager something (big) that (any of) my date(s) will be your best (in your life thus far, ... until you find somebody who surpasses my awesomeness).

Now a word to your sponsors, ... guys, no offense but I'm gonna blast all-a-y'all outta the water. I challenge any dude to provide a more impressive and memorable evening than I will. Of course, I'm already spoken-for (*Lauren*), so in regard to me this will just be for fun.
One rule, men; multiple dates permitted (meaning if after my date I hear another dude's date was better, I can attempt to "top" it with another date of mine.


Game on!

Ceci and Steven said...

I Like Tammie D. I'm staying tuned!

Ryan said...

Sounds like a great start to the Durika project. I had my first date with my wife at the Portland Art Museum and it was fabulous as well. Rob has set the bar high. I am excited to see what happens next. Good luck.

NDA said...

Woot woot!!!

NDA said...

p.s. I may have some guys in mind, eh?

p.p.s. do you want some funny entries or some legitimate guys?

Em said...

Off to a great start! I'll definitely be checking in. I just wish that we had pictures of that art museum because I'm with Lumi in the "couldn't be more perfect" opinion.

Stargirl said...

This is fabulous. I only wish I had your determination/guts! I can't wait to follow along... do you mind if I live a little vicariously through you? Not to say I want to imagine spending time with men other than my husband, but it's such an adventure!

Anonymous said...

so far i have nobody to compare rob to, i'm reading these in order, but he sounds like a front runner. time will tell.

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