January 13, 2009

The Rules

Game Rules:
*Each date lasts at least 31 minutes
*Each date costs less than $31
*Some of the dates will be with friends
*Some dates will be with strangers
*Some will be set-ups...
*Dates will take place in a public setting
*No drugs
*No alcohol (Yes, seriously. None.)
*No married men

Date #31 falls on Valentine's Day. That date will be a second date with one of the men.

if you would like to host your own project with similar rules, just email me: 31datesin31days@gmail.com


Ryan said...

This is awesome! It is going to be like a season of the Bachelorette with Durika. Can you get a fantasy suite for less than $31?

Jas said...

Uh, ... no alcohol?

Anonymous said...

Is one of the rules that you must wear that same outfit on each date?

Anonymous said...

i loved reading about your dates...it sounds like you are having so much fun and neeting guys you probabaly never would of in other circumstances. Kudos to you!! Good Luck!

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