January 17, 2009

3 Point Shot - Chris

My friend, Lumina, warned me about him.

"He's hot, Tam. You might end up liking him."
And checkmate.

I hustled, zig-zagging my way around Penn Station to meet Chris outside Madison Square Garden. He had travelled all the way down from his home outside of Boston and I wanted this avid sports fan to do something special in the city. So some tough detective work helped us track down a cheap pair of tickets online to the Knicks v. 76ers game.

I was on the phone with him trying to figure out where he was.
"I'm standing outside wearing a white hat," he said.
From half a block away I spotted him. His stature struck me from afar. Quickly I came up to him and he drew me into a tight embrace.

This guy knows how to play the game well.

We made our way up to the nose-bleed section and found our seats among the packed coliseum. It was a close game but neither of us was really paying attention. Instead we sat and talked about... well, everything.

He makes sacrifices for his family. He still plays baseball. And he cuts through the bull quickly.

Chris is really easy to be around.
I found myself telling him things that I haven't told some of my closest friends.

**Time Out**

I know that's not the way to play the dating game... starting out by pouring out your most embarrassing thoughts, sharing your biggest fears about marriage, and letting him see more than just "me on my best first-date behavior." I know I played all my cards too early.
But I felt like I was in a no-lose situation.
Chris lives four hours away. He knows I'm dating, well, a couple dozen other guys or so. I wasn't sure if anything would ever happen with him.
But the truth is, I'd like to see him again.

The Knicks seemed to be giving too much up too. They kept losing possession in the last quarter. Any time they'd score three points, the fans would scream.
Chris and I kept pushing further. Sharing more than we probably should have. Crossing conversational boundaries most people wouldn't. Stepping out of bounds I typically don't when first meeting.

So I'm not sure how well I did there. Did I commit a true dating game violation? Was this a technical foul?
The Knicks lost.
By ten points.
Looks like everyone wasn't on their game.


Emily said...

Oooh, things are heating up!
I can't wait to see who gets that second date on Vday ;)
Keep it up girl~

Sarah said...

So, you are so incredibly brave to put yourself out there like this! Go you! I think it's awesome! I'm enjoying reading all about it, and I'll be rooting you on from the sidelines!

girl boof said...

I say, "No harm, no foul." Why not present yourself a little differently and see what happens? If it feels comfortable, go for it. :)

Sara said...

I agree with girl boof. There are always exceptions to those dating rules. If you both are candid with yourselves and are enjoying this fact, then it sounds like this one definitely one of those times.

Also, just maybe, the fact he does live 4 hours away, etc does have a tendency to cut through the bs of initial meetings. Haven't you ever had a really good meaningful conversation with a complete stranger on a train or while traveling?

Sara said...

D'oh, I thought I caught the error before I hit Publish. My comment should read "then the rule doesn't apply. It's sounds like this was definitely one of those times."

Okay, I can go to church in peace now.

Jas said...

As Alex 'Hitch' Hitchens would say, you've gotta take some risks to get some rewards. Bonus for you, T.

Cindy said...

Look at u cousin already found potential for a second date.. this guy seems like a good catch so far and wow you still have 27 more guys to go.. This is way better than reality TV

Unknown said...

Really? I know that #2 boy was just a friend, but he looks WAY hotter than #3!!!

Campbell Family said...

Tamara. I love that you are doing this. Way to go!

luminainfinite said...


Unknown said...

"Things you don't tell your closest friends..." WHAT? Are there things you haven't told me???

Ryan said...

Sometimes when the clock is running down, you have to chuck a prayer from half-court. Well played!

Jenn Mize said...

First of all... Hello Chris. He's way cute and sounnds awesome. As for the conversation, before my husband and I were officially dating we crossed all of the conversation boundaries and are glad we did. Then it's all out on the line. :)
So far I'm voting Chris for the V-Day date. :)

Unknown said...

Eventhough I have not been following this blog, I feel my buddy Chris deserves a good word. I can personally vouch that this guy is truly a genuine person. He certainly does make sacrafices for his family and stays true to his friends. Tamara, you'd have to be crazy not to go out with this guy on a second date!

Anonymous said...

You made a lot of progress on your first date with Chris, but the big question is are either of you willing to pick up your life and relocate any time soon? If not, how long could you sustain a long-distance relationship. For some distance is no boundary. For others it will ultimately prove to be a roadblock that can't be overcome. Are you willing to accept the limitations of a long-distance relationship?

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