September 7, 2012


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Remember when we were kids and we'd say something embarrassing like, "I wish I'd been born as a Cabbage Patch Kid" and someone would look at you funny and you'd be all, "It's Opposite Day"?
Opposite Day gave us free reign to be weirdos. "Look, I'm trying to drink my milk upside down!"
Or insult people. "Those jeans make your butt look big." Or - "Your face looks like it's peeling off. Ummm... It's Opposite Day." (editor's note: true statement made to me by a boy I had a crush on.)
It also helped us be brave. Like wearing our shirts inside-out or coming up with creative answers to our day's easiest questions.

What would you do today if it were Opposite Day?

A couple days ago I shared my most common dating tip, which is simply: if what you're doing isn't working, then Try The Opposite.

While that advice tends to resonate with most people, one of my friends seemed totally riled. She says she's the Queen of Opposites:
She's super nice to guys. Or then she'll ignore them. NOTHING WORKS.
She'll go out on lots of dates. And then no dates. NOTHING STICKS.
She's tried online. And offline. NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING.

I totally get her frustration. Been there! It sucks thinking you've tried everything and still - you can't help but sit back and wonder "WHERE IS HE??"

I too am a bit of the type who tries everything. I get frustrated if there are no results. I hate being patient for things. In fact, in this very moment I'm a bit bugged about a few things that just don't seem to be going my way. In  my head I have running tantrum of WHY, WHY, WHY? cycling on repeat with seemingly no solutions. So what's one to do in these moments?

And it's in those moments that I need to take my own advice. I need to do the opposite. Instead of freaking out, maybe I need to chill a bit. Maybe I need to sit and be grateful a bit. I need to stop spinning and wondering "Why isn't this going MY WAY?" Because the truth is, I might be spinning in so many circles that I'm missing all the good stuff going on.

I declare today Opposite Day.
Appropriate for a Friday.
Don't have a date tonight? Grab someone and do something new.
Planning on staying in and watching tv like I am? Go out instead.
Thinking you aren't getting what you want out of life? Pretend like you are getting ALL YOU NEED.

Just for today. Doing the opposite.
I wonder if my inside-out jeans will make my butt look big.

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