August 23, 2012

The Proposal

My friend Lana is looking for engagement stories, so I'm RE-sharing mine to inspire you and your friends to share yours.

Before the book... 
and after the project... 
there were many months where Date #31 and I were in that fun, awkward, vulnerable, exciting "courting" stage. 
Until one day that all changed. 

The following is a blog post dated October 13th, 2009:

{A Story...}
Here he is after waking up early (okay, so 9:00) to take us out on a canoe:

Here I am apparently paddling on the lake:

But here is what I was really doing the whole time he rowed:

Here we are being silly on a little island in the middle of the lake:

Him: Tam, what kind of a face would you make if you were really mad at me?

Him: Okay, now what kind of face would you make if I got down on one knee like this... and... pulled this little box out of my pocket?

This is how happy I was after he asked me to MARRY HIM!!!!!!!!

This is the proof that we are now ENGAGED!

And here we are, so excited to get married in just a few short months! Yayyyy!

I still get light giddy bumps in my stomach seeing these pictures. 

Three months later we were married ~ just one year after my 31 Dates in 31 Days crazy dating adventure. I'd been hoping the project would help heal my heart and teach me what I was doing wrong when it came to dating. I certainly didn't intend on finding a boyfriend. But tricky, clever fate stepped in and unexpectedly introduced me to this guy. 
Yep. My life is a chick flick.

Okay, so what's YOUR engagement story? 
Post here or tweet with hashtag #weddingproposal

Share your love stories! Email me at 31datesin31days(at)gmail(dot)com with your great dates!
Happy dating!

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megan demmler caton said...

Drew and I lived as caretakers at his parents' kennel... Where we also both work(ed). He is the the trainer and I am the manager. As part of our duty, we could never leave the kennel unattended so I went into town and picked up dinner for us to share that night. As soon as I got back, he jumped in his car and said he had to leave. I was ticked! I had this nice dinner that was now sitting out getting cold. Well he came back 20 min later to find me sitting on the front porch in a very bad mood. He tried to me but I ignored him so he went inside. A few minutes later I hear the door open behind me and one of our dogs came out and laid down beside me. I was looked around and she was alone... I thought, "what the?!?" Next thing I notice is a box attached to her collar and then I noticed he had snuck around the building and was now behind me on one knee asking me to make him the happiest man in the world.... Needless to say, I said yes and that was the best cold dinner I ever ate bc I was too excited to warm it up for us...

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