August 28, 2012

Addicted to Love

I love Dr. Helen Fisher.
I got a chance to interview her back when her book Why Him? Why Her? was released. I was just as excited to talk with her as I was when I interviewed Matthew McConaughey. (Okay, so maybe even more excited to chat with her...) I just wanted to get into her head a little. And well... she wants to get into all of ours.

Dr. Fisher is the Queen of Love Science. She's spent more than 20 years trying to figure out why we love the way we do. She's the gal who helped us all realize that we really can get addicted to love!

She and her fellow researchers also revealed that falling in love can start with any of these three elements, and eventually it involves all three:

I'm still debating which of those feelings I felt first with Matthew McConaughey.

What Helen - and the rest of us - are still trying to figure out is this: what makes us fall for certain people over others? Here's some of Helen's insight:

And just because I feel like it, here's Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love." Now it'll be in my head all day!

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