August 17, 2012

First Date Ever - at 23!

I happened upon a great Vlog (that's "video log" for you, Mom) from a cute girl named Rae. 

In this particular clip from a few days ago, she talks about her first date EVER! As you can see, she's all dressed up and heading out for a night with her girlfriends. Super cute, right? Who wouldn't want to ask this girl out? 
What I love about this post (other than how genuine and sweet she is in general) is that Rae talks about what it's like to go out on a first date as a 23 year old. She's honest about the struggles a lot of people go through when someone shows romantic interest: she freaks out! Totally gets nervous. Panic attacks. 

Hard truths, vulnerability, and honesty is what Rae is all about. Over the last year or so, she's divulged lots of personal details about her life, primarily when it comes to her struggles with her eating disorder. She's so sweet. 
She wrote about her pre-date freakout on her blog:

"On top of that, I got a message from a friend who asked me how I felt about being set up with someone. Literally five minutes before I got this message, I saw a guy and thought to myself that I really need to at least TRY to go on a date (considering I've never been). So I told her hey, why not? This guy messaged me and asked me to coffee or drinks...there's a reason WHY I've never dated in my 23 years. I don't exactly know what that reason is, but I DO know it must be a good one because I've always been too scared to date. It's not that I haven't been asked out, I just bow out at the last second. When I was living in England, the guys considered me a "player" because I would really like a guy, get to know him as friends, and then he'd start liking me romantically. That shut me down, and I would drop them if they even hinted towards romance. I WANTED romance, but at the same time was so frightened about intimacy." 
                                                  -Rae, The Unglamorous World of Eating Disorders

She keeps all her vlogs here, on her YouTube site and posts stories on her written blog, here at "The Unglamorous World of Eating Disorders," where she reveals the hard truths about her roller coaster journey with food, anorexia, and her fight to recreate a healthy life for herself. She's been listed on the Best Eating Disorders Blog of 2012. She's kinda awesome. 


Thanks Rae for sharing your experience and letting me pass it along!

Okay guys, now it's your turn. Send your great date stories to 31datesin31days(at)!
And if you don't have any dates planned for the weekend, feel free to get one month's worth of dates in my book, 31 Dates in 31 Days - voted Best Dating Book 2012! Just sayin.
Happy Dating!

1 comment:

Rae said...

Thanks love for making me feel not so alone. It is kind of awkward to go on your first date at age 23 but I'm proud of myself for actually putting myself out there ;)

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