June 20, 2012

My Visit to DC's "Let's Talk Live!"

First off, DC's ABC station WJLA and its sister station, NewsChannel8, have some of the best newsroom digs I've seen. The newsroom is as big as a football field.
Everything feels fresh and new. The ceilings are just high enough so that the writers and producers can feel as if they're not really working in an office but low enough to give them something to complain about. And they actually have windows. Big bullet-proof ones that actually have a view.

I wasn't able to sneak a peek into the kitchen, but I'm guessing they might even have one of those fancy Keurig coffee machines or maybe even those drink machines where you can just press a button to add yummy flavors like vanilla or cherry. It was all beautiful. Although I was surprised they didn't have a green room. Or maybe they were just using that room to host the First Lady or some other fancy person currently taking residence in my hometown. Like Pauly Shore.

Every time I walk into a television station I can't help but wonder if they have any job openings. It's true! After 13 years behind the camera, I'm still adjusting to being on the other side of the screen. For the last few years I've been visiting stations around the country talking about first dates, relationships, and my book. I still get nervous. But thankfully the anchors and producers are always there to make me feel comfortable, and I feel like I'm finally getting used to the goopy HD makeup and wearing high heels on set instead of slippers. But don't get me wrong, parts of me still miss the craziness in the control room. I heard there's a producer opening on the morning show...

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