March 14, 2012

MARCHing in the Men

Often I get emails from that sound something like this:

              Hi Tamara! I read your book and would love to try something like it. Can you help?
           Will  you send me your Dating Boot Camp Starter Kit? How do I get started?? Can't wait!

But last month I received a note that was a little different. Because it came from a skeptic.
Truthfully, I expect some people to hear about my project and have their doubts. Because let's face it, I would have been that girl not reading the book and thinking, "That chick is CRAZY." In fact, while I was doing the project, I consistently thought about myself, "I must be crazy." So I get it.

In late February, I was invited to speak to a few hundred of Los Angeles' most eligible. Among them was Chantal, a hot 20-something paralegal visiting from Phoenix who'd been dragged to the event by her friends. (Here's a snippet from the email she sent me:)

I have to admit, I wasn't super excited to go... I had heard about your project and had made assumptions about what you must be like and/or the reasons why you decided to undertake such a project. But there I was, listening to you, and I was blown away!  

Suddenly the whole thing made total sense to me. I felt inspired or enlightened, call it what you like, but here I am ready to take the plunge and try something different myself (what?!).

Chantal didn't waste any time getting started! I sent her my Dating Boot Camp Starter Kit, we chit-chatted, and she was off!
On the first of March, she kicked off her "MARCH in the Men" Project, where she'd go out on as many first dates in March as possible. She's spent the last few weeks meeting some super smarties, some softies, and some serious adventurers. One guy even surprised her with spelunking! How cool is that? I wanna go explore caves!

Chantal will be dating and blogging through the end of the month. While she talks a lot about the guys and their date nights, what I'm most excited about are the lessons she's been learning so far (no surprise, right?). I really love hearing from other people about how dating is not only FUN but is also helping people become better people.

Chantal's lesson from her 3rd date:
"...And that's what I'm learning from this journey so far I think - that when given the opportunity, each person has a story to tell. And those stories begin to reveal who they really are and what their lives are really about. And that, I'm finding, is quite beautiful and fascinating."
Chantal's lesson from her 8th date:
"The point is, he's inspired me to be better, to try harder, to search for opportunities and to take more action where I can. I believe that any individual that inspires something positive in us is an individual that was meant to cross our path."
How awesome!
She still has a couple more weeks to March in the Men. Keep that endurance going, Chantal!
Know anyone in Phoenix who'd be interested in going out with Chantal? Or wanna start your own dating project? Email me!

My book, 31 Dates in 31 Days, is a finalist in the's Reader's Choice Awards for BEST DATING BOOK! Here's the link to cast your vote every day until March 21, 2012 when the contest ends. 

Thank you for your support!

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