March 8, 2012

CONTEST TIME! Win a copy of 31 Dates in 31 Days!

This is Tracy.

She's one of my best friends from my days as an overachieving undergrad.
These days she lives in Florida. Her husband is a musician. She works in the field of theater management.

But Tracy also puts most of her focus here:

This is Anna.

She's Tracy's three-year-old daughter, and is the sole source of material for Tracy's new site, "Shine On, You Crazy Mama."
On her site, Tracy talks about her creative ways in juggling full-time mommyhood with a full-time career, how to keep a kid happy during long-distance travels (yes, even being cute and quiet on airplanes), and why she's so into "attachment parenting."
She's looking for someone who's gifted in the visual arts to help make her site look snazzy with a new logo and header. If you have any ideas, let Tracy know. Her reward? A gift package that includes several goodies, including a copy of 31 DATES IN 31 DAYS.

Check out Tracy's new site and see if you have any ideas for her. (Personally, I think Anna's cute outfit gives a slew of ideas. Check out those bumblebee socks!)

My book, 31 Dates in 31 Days, is a finalist in the's Reader's Choice Awards for BEST DATING BOOK! Here's the link to cast your vote every day until March 21, 2012 when the contest ends. 

Thank you for your support!

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