February 6, 2012

14 Days of Valentines - DAY 6


Usually I sway people away from the idea of heading to a restaurant for a date. I hate the idea of being trapped at a table for two hours and feeling like I'm being interviewed/interrogated while slurping pasta primavera. My basic boring dating nightmare. Restaurants tend to offer few opportunities to talk about your surroundings, which is why I typically suggest finding an activity or fun location for a date.

Thus, the classic picnic. If you insist on having a date that involves some sort of dining experience, why not make it part of a small journey to a spot with beautiful surroundings and plenty of conversation starters? Today my husband and I headed to the park, found a bench by the fountain, watched the people walk by, the news helicopters overhead, and had yummy sandwiches.

At this point some of you might be shaking your head at me. "That's fine for those of you living in Los Angeles this time of year," you say, "but what about those of us freezing in February? We can't exactly go on a picnic in the dead of Winter!"


Warm weather and sunshine shouldn't be the only time of year we get to have fun outside. Ever heard of the "Winter Picnic?" Grab your warm clothes and fill the thermos with some hot chocolate. Or pack some soup and sandwiches. Bonus points if you actually have a snow date and get to build a snowman.
See? We can't do THAT in Los Angeles!

As I've mentioned before, the 14 Days of Valentines are about more than just going on great dates. There also days we can spend investing in our neighbors and friends.

Tonight I met with four new friends over Skype who are taking on my dating challenge and doing their own 31 Dates in 31 Days project. These four women from Houston are taking on 40 dates in 40 nights - 10 dates each. If you know any guys who'd be willing to participate, let me know!

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