February 4, 2012

14 Days of Valentines - DAY 4


For Day 4 of the 14 DAYS OF VALENTINES, my husband and I headed to the local driving range and hit some golf balls. This was an inexpensive date for us - just $10 for over 115 golf balls. Weekend rates are usually higher than weekdays, but we still think $10 is a pretty good deal.

Usually the driving range is filled with golfers who clearly know what they're doing. They take their time waddling in their stance. They practice a few swings before every hit. And the all have gloves - even golf hats. But for a non-glove-wearing amateur, I have lots of fun anyway.

If you and your date are even better athletes than I am (which shouldn't be too much of a challenge), consider the batting cages, the tennis courts, or even finding a place to play table tennis. You could always hit the billiard room and play some pool.

No matter what you do, just make sure you both come dress ready to play. Although no one seemed to mind that I kicked off my heels to hit golf balls.

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