December 19, 2011

Ten Pre-Marriage Tips

After nearly 20 years of marriage, Ann Smith, Executive Director of Breakthrough at Caron, is sharing 10 tips for those people who are considering marriage. I'm curious what you think about her suggestions, especially point number THREE.
Here are her 10 points to review before marriage (and a link for further explanation):
1. Know yourself and your pattern in relationships.

2. Listen carefully to what your new partner says in the first hours and days after meeting.

3. Ignore the fact that you have chemistry.

4. Ask yourself if you could live with this individual exactly as they are today even on their worst days, for the rest of your life.

5. After a few months have passed, notice how you feel about yourself when you are with your partner.

6. Be honest about what this person does not have that you had hoped for in a long term mate.

7. Observe your partner's capacity for love in the rest of his/her life. Also observe your own.

8. Know what your goals and dreams are and commit to keeping them and taking responsibility for your own fulfillment.

9. Get input from those who know you and listen to their feedback.

10. No matter how confident and secure you are in your life as it is, prepare yourself for change.

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