December 3, 2011

New Dating Site Features Most Eligible Singles One Day at a Time

Remember how some of those old movies like "Meet Me In St. Louis" showed men lining up to get their names on a woman's dance card? At formal balls during the 19th century, women would tie the little booklets around their wrists along with a pencil. As men would ask her if she were available for a dance that evening, she would write his name on the dance card. This was a great way for men to make sure they'd get to spend time with the women they were interested in. Maybe it wasn't as great for the women who weren't as coveted... And it also likely proved problematic for women who had no excuse to deny an unwanted partner a dance.

A new dating site (launching in New York City now before kicking off around the rest of the world) operates a little like those fancy dance cards but with a mediator to tell the bozos wanting dances, "Sorry, her dance card is full." The site is called Black Book 365 and is the brainchild of some savvy overachievers who wanted to weed out the non-committal duds they found on most other dating sites. No instant messaging. No constant barrage of emails from guys who ask "Can I see your picture?" Instead, this site has a matchmaking crew to help whittle the list of interested people for you.

So here's how it works: Every day, Black Book 365 will feature one of the city's most eligible bachelors along with one of its most desireable bachelorettes. Each of the featured singles pays for their day in the spotlight which includes an interview session with the website matchmakers and a professional photo shoot. Then, anyone who's signed up for the site with their own (free) profile can show their interest in going out on a first date with that person by submitting a "calling card" (which sounds kind of like a hidden "like" button that only the system administrators can see). Then the matchmakers take a look at all the people who "liked" the featured man or woman of the day and narrow the list to 25 of the top matches.

The site just kicked off a couple weeks ago in New York. It will arrive in 25 more cities around the world within the next year.

What do you think? Does this sound like something you'd be interested in doing?

1 comment:

Ruthie said...

If I were in New York, I'd totally do that. I sounds fun. I'm just guessing that it won't hit Bellingham, WA any time soon, though.

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