November 9, 2011

How Many Friends Do You REALLY Have?

In the days of having hundreds of "friends" on Facebook, one study sought to discover how many tried-and-true, thick-and-thin friends most people truly have.

I'm one of those people who keeps in touch with most of the people I've met. I still keep up with all my friends from elementary school, I somehow remember the life stories of people I've met briefly but managed to have some sort of strong connection with. But I still have just a small list of people who I would call in the midst of dire craziness.
How many people do you have?

Apparently most Americans say they have two true friends, confidantes with whom they've discussed their most important issues with in the last six months. And apparently, this number is down from 25 years ago, when Americans said they had three close friends. Around 4% said they have zero people in their lives they consider truly close friends. And women were more likely to list more confidantes than men.

So how many of your friends do you consider your most trusted confidantes? Click on the poll on this site!

And speaking of friends, here is today's love song, courtesy of my friend, "Akshan," who I grew up singing with and is an AMAZING artist. I'm lucky to have really cool, talented friends.

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Mike said...

Good music, right here! Shouts to Akshan and Laura Song!

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