November 1, 2011

Love Surprises

Today there's a great blurb in the Chicago Sun-Times about how different people surprisingly fell in love with their life partners.

The first story talks about a woman who was very fond of her high school boyfriend. They had lots in common, seemed like the best of friends, and he "looked good on paper." He's since twice-married and doesn't keep in touch. And while she's still fond of those memories, she's grateful she didn't end up with him. Instead she wound up with her husband, whom she adores. And I love the way she describes him:

He doesn’t look good on paper. He’s an atheist; I’m a cradle Catholic. He’s a redneck; I’m a Democrat. He’s a hunter; I hate guns. You get the picture. But we’ve been together for 16 years and have survived some major stresses and hurdles — parents dying, job losses, health issues. He’s a keeper and I love my Eagle Scout!

Sometimes love surprises you.
You can read the article here.

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