August 26, 2011

What Do Your Celebrity Crushes Say About You?

One of my friends is embarrassed to reveal her celebrity crush from high school. "I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours," she says. But I can't remember mine. Maybe it was Chris O'Donnell or some other handsome blue-eyed baby-faced actor.
That's Ricky in the yellow shirt. So cute!

Maybe I've etched those high school crushes out of my mind and replaced them with the psycho-babble I've been telling myself about my very first celebrity crushes.
In Kindergarten, it was Ricky Martin. From Menudo. I would keep stickers of Ricky and his Menudo boy-band members in my sticker book, appropriately marked with pink-inked hearts from my stamp collection and crooked letters attempting to spell out his name R-I-C-K-Y as if every written letter drew him closer to me.
pretty sure i had this hanging on my wall
Of course, I had no idea back then that he would come out of the closet. Back then he was just the cutest boy I'd ever seen.

Then it was George Michael. I've tried to justify this crush-on-a-gay-man by saying it wasn't just George Michael -- I also adored his Wham! bandmate, Andrew Ridgeley. Who apparently is straight. Not that anyone knew that at the time.

Does he look like Tiffany? Wearing a Debbie Gibson hat?
But all my attempts at trying to make myself sound like I wasn't just head-over-heels for gay men is thwarted for the die-hard crush I had in second grade.
Boy George.

Why was I crushing on gay men?  And what does that say about me? Does my current crush for Taye Diggs make up for my elementary school lack of gay-dar? I mean, my crush has been constant since he helped Stella get her groove back.

As for my friend who's embarrassed about her own celebrity crush? She says she swooned over Neil Young in high school. Yep. No Brad Pitt. No George Clooney. Instead she longed for a man with soul. Someone whose words and music would serenade her forever.
Totally makes sense to me.

Who was your most memorable celebrity crush?

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{Picture source: Menudo Wham! Boy George Taye Diggs Neil Young}


Anonymous said...

I totally crushed on Elisabeth Shue. First of all she was in all of my favorite movies: Karate Kid, Adventures in Babysitting, and Back to the Future 2 and 3. In my mind I always thought that she looked like my real life babysitter Shammy who I also had a thing for.

Michal said...

Anonymous has to be one of my brothers who has misspelled our babysitter's name. There is no way that there were two babysitters named Chamy who looked like Elizabeth Shue!:)
I was completely smitten with Michael Jackson as a 5th grader (go figure-- I don't see it now), and in 6th grade it was ALL George Michaels. Then I moved on to Tom Cruise, who I still find irresistible if he smiles. I just wish he wouldn't speak publicly:)

Kristen said...

I liked "Zach" from Saved by the Bell, then Joey from New Kids on the Block. But since my teen years and even now I've kind of got a thing for George Clooney. [Don't worry, Ian's aware of it!] :)

Janelle said...

Boy George?! Really?! That is darn awesome, if I do say so myself! Maybe you just had a thing for unattainable men. ;)
I was in love with John Lennon. We watched the movie Help! all the time as kids. I was certain I would marry John. Then when I was 8 1/2 my brother told me he was dead! I could not believe that nonsense, so I called my mom at work to confirm - which sadly, she did. I cried and cried the rest of the day! Ive since had a thing for George Harrison, who is dead now too! So NOW who has a thing for unattainable men?! ;)

Anonymous said...

My crush now? Brooks Laich, a Caps hockey player! My crush then? Chris O'Donnell, Matt Damon . . .

Anonymous said...

First crush was Aaron Carter in elementary school right now i have a major crush/obsession on Colin Farrell

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