September 14, 2012

This Love is Dino-Mite

Here's a very cool, Stegosaurus-sized love story to share with you.
You know how people say there's someone for everyone? Here's proof!
Huge congrats to these two love birds, Ashley and Lee. If they were actual birds, I imagine they would choose to be pterodactyls. You know, those huge dinosaur birds with the giganto bat-wings. That's because they're both die-hard dinosaur fans. In fact, their shared love for the Jurassic is what brought them together.
Ashley was living in Los Angeles, fearing that the man of her dreams had become extinct. Her hopes? To find a tough, rugged guy who also loved dinosaurs. She was willing to dig and dig for the right guy. According to Ashley...

"I spent an entire night searching OkCupid, for any keyword that might lead me to my very own Dr. Alan Grant: "paleontologists," "paleontology," "dinosaurs". I was determined.
Finally, after 5 or 6 pages of search results, I found HIM."

Who she found was Lee - her missing link! A handsome undergrad in Montana who was studying paleontology. Not only that, he'd already dug up triceratops AND Tyrannosaurus Rex fossils. That's enough to make a Sauropod SWOON!
As if that's not enough, check out this engagement video... Ashley thought the two of them were merely on an overly well-executed date that included re-enacting a scene from their favorite movie - Jurassic Park.

 And yes, Lee matched that script WORD FOR WORD.

Lee has since moved to Los Angeles to be with Ashley. They plan to marry in September 2013.
And adding to the excitement, Ashley is in a cool contest to win a wedding dress. If you want to help her, click onto this link and "like" her story when you see her picture on the Facebook page.
Good luck and congrats you two!

Dinosaurs are said to have lived more than 100 million years on Earth. Cheers to an even longer-lasting love story!


Ashley said...

Hey it's Ashley!

Help me win my dream wedding dress? Go to Blue Bridal Boutique's facebook page and "like" our "DINO-MITE Love" story. If I get the most likes by Sept. 30th, I'll WIN!

Thank you so much for posting our story <3

Emily said...

This makes me all kids of happy! My worlds collide! Congrats to Lee & Ashley! Love birds, i mean pterodactyl in deed!

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