August 1, 2012

National Girlfriends Day

I met my very first friend, Cathy, before we were born. Our moms were walking down the street and noticed they were in similar very-pregnant situations. Soon after, I was born and waited three months for Cathy's earthly arrival.
When my mother went back to work, Cathy's mom watched me during the day, treating the two of us as sisters. And we've been best friends ever since.
There's nothing like a good girl friend.
Want to know a secret to living a long, healthy life? Get a girlfriend. That goes for all of you.
Apparently men married to women live longer than single men. And while marriage has no dramatic effect on women's longevity, their strong female friendships do.

Stressed? Talk to a woman. It actually increases oxytocin, which is that strong, relaxing chemical in your brain.

In honor of today's National Girlfriends Day, say thanks to the ladies who make your life a little better, calmer... and longer!

....And to my husband, even though you might not have an effect on my longevity, you sure do make the quality of my life better. HAPPY BIRTHDAY honey!

study source: UCLA Study on Friendship Among Women

1 comment:

Shannon b said...

So sweet that you have known your best friend since birth! :) And I agree with everything else. I actually shared an article on this same topic on my blog for national girlfriend's day.

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