July 17, 2012

Radio Interview on Great First Dates

My recent interview with Mix 97.7 in Poughkeepsie, New York was by far one of my most favorites. First, I just like saying "Poughkeepsie." It has such a great ring to it, doesn't it? I think it could make a great condiment. "I'd like that with some paprika and a dash of poughkeepsie." Or maybe it'd be a really good name for a drink.
My radio interview in Poughkeepsie was just as punchy and exciting as its name. And like many fun events in life, it started off with a few hiccups.
The evening show, Happy Hour, is kicked off by two spunky gals, author Keryl and reporter Jonna. Their right-hand man is named Frankenberry. Yes, like the pink General Mills monster.
Just as we started our interview, there was a huge audio issue. I could hear them. They couldn't hear each other. And apparently the listening audience heard... well... who knows! So they took a break, Frankenberry zapped a bolt of lightning into the audio board, and everything arose back to life.

The interview ended up being one of my most favorites because these two felt like instant friends. Very kind. Smart. Upbeat.
They were well-prepared too, having read part of my book and doing some research before we hit air. (Which made me feel so much better, having been called "Tonya" in the middle of an interview just days before. Hey. These things happen in live broadcasting. We gotta roll with the punches.)

Here's the link to my interview with the Happy Hour gals. From Poughkeepsie. With a dash of lemon.


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