May 29, 2012

Dare to Date ~ Battle of the Brothers

Today kicks off the a new kind of dating project - a little like my 31 Dates in 31 Days, but with a bit more grit and whole lot more "swag." In this summer datefest, two brothers face-off to host the best date by Labor Day. They're calling it Date Quest - and they're on a mission to find the best date the east coast has to offer. 
Colt - always the groomsman,
never the groom. Not yet at least!

Meet the Campbells from the Carolinas.
Two brothers, Colt and Dan, who are going head to head in a competition to find the best summer date. 

First up is younger brother Colt, who's a musical prodigy and an outdoor adventurist who boasts of his "chiseled abs."

Colt has been working as a middle school band instructor (which just proves that he can tolerate even the most crazy, chaotic situations in the world. Sounds like he's ready for this dating challenge!). He just learned that he's been offered a job as the band director at a high school.

I can only assume hopes to swoon a special lady with his music skills during his summer vacation. And probably his abs too.

Watch out!

Dan, rockin' the blue suit!
His competition is big brother Dan, a braniac statistician who's hoping to multiply his dating skills over the summer months. Dan is as passionate about mountain biking as he is about pimpin' his flair in polyester suits (as pictured). He loves old skool hip hop and lookin' hot for the ladies.

Dan the family man
But don't let his suave style fool you. Behind his cool exterior is a patient, humble soul. After all, Dan is also a dad to four kids who are his pride and joy, who he's unafraid to brag about.

He will likely also brag about his
"rock hard abs."
The brothers have come up with a clever "application" for ladies hoping to be part of the summer Date Quest. It includes several tongue-in-cheek multiple choice questions, such as:

What is a V8?  
A. Type of engine       
B. Drink made from veggies  
C. A little bit louder than V7 on the TV       
D. None of the above

Which NFL team has won the most Super Bowls?
A. Jacksonville Jaguars          
B. Green Bay Packers       
C. Pittsburgh Steelers
D. Who cares!?...I like whatever team Tim Tebow is on.

Do you have any rich relatives?  
If so, how close are you to them?

You can find out more about Dan and Colt's Date Quest here. Good luck guys!And if you're interested in your own dating challenge, check out my information page and let's get you started!
Happy Dating!

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