March 30, 2012

State to State Updates

from New York City ~

At the last minute, my husband and I decided to extend our trip back east to include a quick jaunt to New York City. This was the first time we'd been back since we moved, got married, and since I published the book. Lots to celebrate!
So great meeting the fabulous @31dates tonight! Can't wa... on TwitpicThe fabulous bakers at Make My Cake in Harlem hosted a book event for me, where I got to see a few friends, including Marcus, who took my dating challenge last fall. I also finally got to meet my kindred spirit in dating extravaganzas, Melissa a.k.a. Single Gal in the City. She's currently in the midst of a dating blitz - her third long-term dating adventure. What endurance! I'll be sure to tell you more about her and her experiences in a future post.
Also among my sightings: a few of my 31 DATES!!! Can you imagine? It was a little like those nightmares I've had about all the guys I've ever gone out with being in the same place. Again, more on that later, because right now I have some other awesome updates to report.

from Houston, Texas ~

My girls Mauren, Kim, Jessica, and Becca have wrapped their impressive team challenge, 40 Dates in 40 Days. Over the last month or so, each of them has gone out on 10 dates with some of Houston's most eligible bachelors. By doing this project in tandem, they've been each other's biggest cheerleaders (and maybe even competitors!)
This week, their friends and blog readers matched each gal with guys from their journey for a second date. Can't wait for the updates on those. I'm so proud of these girls for stepping out and giving it all they've got!

from Phoenix, Arizona ~

Daredevil Chantal is wrapping up her month-long challenge to March in the Men. What I've loved most is that Chantal has not only gone out with really great guys, she and her dates have been able to take simple date ideas and turn them into adventures. From fishing, to spelunking, to finding treasures among trash, Chantal has found the fun in every date. Congrats on such a great month!

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