December 21, 2011

A Very Disney Birth-Date

So, today's my birthday. And for the 3rd anniversary of my 31st birthday (that seems to be the most common milestone I mention these days), what I really wanted was to go on a date to Disneyland with my husband and live out the dreams and loves of my childhood. Among those loves was this guy:

I loved everything about Donald Duck. His sassy attitude, his spitting, his poor diction, his love for Daisy, his exhibitionism. Everything.
I even had a big Donald Duck night light that sat on top of a tall book shelf. There he was, high above me, watching over me at night as I fell asleep dreaming of seeing him at Disneyland. Eventually Night Light Donald's head fell off. What was left was just the bottom half of his body - duck butt and yellow feet - with a tiny light bulb shining out from it. I still loved that thing and felt as if Donald were close to me.
Over the years I've collected a bit too much Donald paraphernalia. Even our Christmas tree is donned with enough of The Don to have our own themed tree.

So today, my birthday wish was to see Donald again in real life. Ask him if he remembers me. Hug him and take a picture. But this was as close as I got:

I only held his cute face on my beloved ticket, next to my beloved husband. Okay, so maybe my birthday wish to see the D-Man up close didn't happen. But thankfully I have another handsome, funny, sometimes-exhibitionist man by my side to help my childhood dreams come true, and to watch over me as I dream of more adventures at night.

Goodnight dear friends! Thanks for all the birthday wishes throughout the day. It means the world to me to be remembered and to be in each of your lives.


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luminainfinite said...

awwww. This made me smile! Happy Birthday Babe!

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