December 28, 2011

Keeping Up With Cupid

What is it about celebrity breakups and make-ups that piques so much interest? I keep wondering how Kim Kardashian became famous for doing nothing and now she's even more famous for her insta-marriage. And there's something that makes the "Bennifers" and "Brangelinas" seem like they're somewhat super-human. People will wonder, "What's it like to be famous and in love with someone so beautiful?"

I'm usually not starstruck. In fact, I'd been at my last job for three years before my life-long best friend found out exactly what I did for a living. She yelled at me from the other end of the phone while clutching her beloved People magazine. "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME YOU INTERVIEW FAMOUS PEOPLE???"

Don Cheadle
During my interviews, my favorite questions were always about their personal relationships. But I wasn't interested in the standard gossip. Instead, I always wondered, "How did you meet? And how has your relationship remained strong in the limelight? How have you and your partner lasted so long?"
My favorite response came from Don Cheadle, who's been with his partner Brigid since 1997. "Neither of us wants to leave at the same time."

Recently I was interviewed for a website, called "Cupid's Pulse." On the site you can find lots of details about celebrity couples but they also dabble into those extra tidbits of information about love and dating that we all crave. Here's the interview they did with me. Cruise their site -- and make sure you check out their weekend date ideas. Then help me track down a good discount for it!

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