November 14, 2011

Long Distance Book Club with The Cha-Cha Girls

Recently, I visited with some sassy book-clubbers in North Carolina to talk about my book, 31 DATES IN 31 DAYS. They call themselves The "Cha-Cha" Girls since they're all from Charlotte, NC. How cute is that? They were just as fun and sassy as their name sounds. And these aren't your regular group of just-meet-once-a-month book clubbers. They're die-hards. They even take book club trips!
Well, thanks to social media, Skype, and webcams, there weren't any trips on our book club night. But even though I didn't pay for a flight to North Carolina, I still managed to feel like I was sitting in the living room with them.

So how exactly does a book club with an author work? Well this was a first for all of us, so we improvised. The first hour was just as any other monthly book club event: everyone met at someone's home, ate some good grub, and chatted about their thoughts on the book, their questions, their favorite moments, and their criticisms. And then they logged onto Skype and boom! there I was to answer any questions they'd come up with. I must admit, I longed to hear the pre-interview banter and was wondering if they had mini-cucumber sandwiches to nosh, but our hour-long chat seemed to suffice.

And they had great questions.
*When did you decide your story should be told in book form?
*Did you really like ALL the guys or were there any duds?
*Do you still keep in touch with these guys?
*What sort of criticisms have you received so far about the book?
*You had so many great date opportunities in New York City, but what about those of us looking for great date spots in Charlotte?
*What kind of dates would you suggest for those of us already "coupled?"

One more question they asked is: WHEN will the book be out as an e-book? 
Next week! Thank you to those of you i-love-e-book-types who've already bought the paperback version! And please pass the word along:

31 DATES IN 31 DAYS will be available in e-book format on November 20th!

And for those of you who haven't grabbed a copy yet, a reminder that the book is now in bookstores and is also available online from your favorite bookstores. 

The Cha-Cha Book Club on their best behavior

Thank you to all the "Cha Cha" ladies for choosing my book as your book club pick - and inviting me to speak! Angela, Aleta, Sally, Kat, Courtney, Leslie, Kimberly, Jennifer, Ashleigh, Amy, Judy, and Molly - I'll want a full report on your next dates! 

My next book club event will be this Wednesday in Southern California. I'll let you know how it goes.

I'm happy to visit with more book clubbers. If you know anyone else interested, email me at

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