October 21, 2011

Taking a Chance on the Dancefloor

A lot of people have been talking to me lately about how scary dating can be. And I totally agree! Dating differently takes a lot of courage. Can you imagine how scared I was thinking I'd actually pull of 31 Dates in 31 Days??
I was scared of putting myself "out there" for the world to judge. And I was really scared I'd put myself out there and then get zero dates. Quelle horreur!
Here's the thing -- maybe you're not into going out on 31 Dates. So what about starting with ONE? Could you challenge yourself to just one date that would be a little different than you've had before?

When I worked at Good Morning America, I was always assigned to produce the Dancing With the Stars segments. Every week there's a segment with the stars who were cut from the dance show the night before. (I called it being assigned to the "Booted Beat.") The celebrities were such troupers having to get up so early on the west coast to be on the show and talk about their embarrassing moments on the dancefloor throughout the season.
I haven't been wathching "Dancing With the Stars" this season, but I did catch a glimpse of an interview with Carson Kressley on Good Morning America the other day after he got kicked off DWTS. I love Carson. He's always so positive and somehow manages to be randomly funny. When I interviewed him years ago he told me, "You should start pronouncing your name like Tomorrow and go work for the Today Show." Clever!
One thing I loved about Carson's interview this week was the way he talked about taking risks. He discusses it throughout, but his most poignant moments are in the very beginning of the video.

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Anonymous said...

It's all about taking risks! As scary as it seems it is always worth it.

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