October 20, 2011

Date #5 Pops the Question

One of the benefits of going on 31 Dates in 31 Days is getting to meet some absolutely amazing men. I've been lucky that I not only got to go out on first dates with all those but I've also managed to keep them as friends. And of course, as any good friend would do, that means I get to harrass them about their dating lives, mourn their mishaps, and celebrate their victories.
Stephanie and Adam

Today I'm celebrating Date #5 - Adam.
For a while I was wondering what kind of girl would eventually capture his heart. And wouldn't you know, that girl ended up being one of my friends! Just a few days ago, Adam proposed marriage to Stephanie. And she said YES!!
Strong work Adam!!

Here's Stephanie's explanation of how the proposal went down:

Given that it was our 1-year anniversary of dating, celebrations were already in order. Sneaky. I was greeted by 2 dozen red roses when I got home from work last Friday, and 2 dozen more when we got to dinner at Fogo de Chao. But like the practical and unassuming woman that I am, I didn't think too much of it. Like Garrette said, I wasn't thinking "engagement" I was thinking "All you can eat meat."

By the end of dinner I had really bad hiccups. Like, drunk girl hiccups. It is a problem of mine. Adam tried to feed me bogus riddles, saying that getting your mind off the hiccups cures them. I told him that was stupid, and that the only way I can get rid of them is by drinking water upside-down, which was clearly not appropriate at this restaurant.
I was still hiccuping my guts out as Adam drove us over to the National Mall, parked, and led me to the middle of it all - and my favorite view in DC. I love seeing the U.S. Capitol lit up on one side and the Washington Monument on the other. It is a breathtaking view, every time. It wasn't until that moment, when he actually started saying really nice things, that I clued in.

He took a deep breath and bent down on one knee. He pulled a box out of his pocket and illuminated it with his newly-purchased flashlight iPhone app. Inside was a beautiful, pear shaped ring. He said my full name when he asked me to marry him.

I said, "Yes. Of course!"
Then added, "You got rid of my hiccups!"
And then I started to giggle-cry. I think it is the best combination, actually. Real tears convey real meaning but giggles mean that everything is still ok. And everything is SO ok that you are actually moved to tears. ...

Then we drove to Georgetown and had frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity. It represented the end of our courtship and the beginning of our life together. We toasted ourselves and our future. And when we got back to my house he gave me one last bouquet of 2 dozen red roses. Because, he said, he wanted me to wake up everyday this week and remember that he loves me and that we are getting married.

Life hardly ever turns out the way we plan. And yet, I feel like everything I have found in my relationship with Adam has been exactly what I always knew I wanted. I think the only thing I didn't plan was how this happiness would feel, because I never even knew this kind of happy existed.

Congrats you two!!! Can't wait to hear about the wedding plans!


Stephanie said...

Thanks Tam! I'm happy to get one of those 31 dates off the single circuit. :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Stephanie! The two of you seem perfect for each other. I remember reading date #5 and thinking that this guy had the goods!

Michal said...

I LOVED her version of the date and especially how happy she feels. Congrats to both of them!

k wallace said...

how did i JUST find this blog? beautiful story, sonks.

Erin Elton said...

This is incredible! I just heard the good news! Congratulations Stephanie and Adam!!!

Erin Elton said...

Congratulations!!! Best news ever!

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