October 8, 2011

So Much Love in the PNW

After landing back in Los Angeles from a whirlwind trip in the Pacific Northwest, I've been napping and recovering from a cold. I must have had so much fun up there that it wore me out!
Throughout my few days in Seattle, Portland, and the surrounding areas, I met with over a couple hundred people with great stories and questions about love -- from singles, newlyweds, newly divorced, and those who are readily willing to share their secrets to their long-lasting marriages. Let me tell you, there's a lot of love up there!

As we're now steeped in October (where did this year go?), many singles across the country are taking part in my nationwide dating challenge. (Have you signed up yet??)

Look how cute Laura is! Know any Seattle guys for her project?
One of those lovely ladies is Laura, Seattle photographer and artist extraordinaire. She contacted me nearly three years ago when I first did my 31 Dates in 31 Days project. And now, she's taking the challenge and going out on ten first dates in Seattle. Know anyone who wants to be one of those dates? Contact me and I'll pass them along. OR, just check out Laura's blog, where she's keeping notes on her project.

Laura and I met up for lunch while I was in Seattle before her project and my book tour kicked off. We were both nervous about our upcoming adventures. By why wouldn't it be? Jumping into something new can be really scary - AND worth the risk. She was looking for something different in her dating life and thought this project was for her. 
When we met up, she said she could totally relate to some of the feelings I'd had throughout my book: questioning myself, wondering what I was doing wrong, hoping I could change my dating habits. I'm so excited for Laura to take on this challenge!

Laura sent me a text from Date #1 the other night, and it went really well! I can't wait to hear the reports from dates 2-10!

1 comment:

Laura said...

Thanks Tam! I'm excited to see where the challenge takes me! Getting ready for Date #2 right now!

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