October 11, 2011

Getting Stood Up

One of the lucky singles participating in my nationwide dating challenge got stood up a few nights ago.

What does one normally do when stood up? There are a few options, of course. The first including crying over mint chip ice cream while watching a chick flick alone in pajamas. Admittedly, that's likely what I would have leaned toward before embarking 31 Dates in 31 Days.
There's always going out alone. Or grabbing your friends. Or grabbing a stranger down the street. Sulking is typically necessary for any of these.
My friend, the dater launching into a world of new dating habits, decided to look at things differently and receive anonymous rejection gracefully. She'd planned the date and the dud didn't even call or try to reach out. At 8pm on a Friday night, she found herself contacting their mutual friend to learn that he wasn't coming. So our dater shrugged her shoulders and figured she might hang out with some girlfriends instead. By 10:00 she had a new dude lined up. They went out and she had a blast, determined to remember that dating is more about having good experiences with people than it is about instant heartbreak over someone you don't even know.

As for the mystery man who stood her up, I have to wonder what held him back from a few hours out with a new girl. Was he that nervous to meet someone new? Did something come up? Or maybe he was in jail?? A likely option -- at least in Hollywood!

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