October 17, 2011

The Dating Challenge: Lessons Learned (so far)

A couple dozen singles around the country are currently taking the 31 Dates Dating Challenge, and so far, they've had lots of questions, a few snags, and have learned a bunch of lessons.
Among those taking notes is Aubrey from Portland, Oregon. She has a Facebook group she started for her "ABC Dating Challenge." Basically Aubrey's using letters of the alphabet to inspire her date activity. For instance, for her "H" date she went to a Haunted House and ate at Honeybaked Ham. She hopes to go out on three dates a week and wants to meet new friends and learn something about herself.
Aubrey from Portland, Oregon
What I really love is how much Aubrey is learning so far. She's getting more brave when it comes to asking guys out. She's getting more comfortable stepping out of her comfort zone. And she seems to be having fun even when it seems challenging.

Question from Aubrey's friend: Are you finding it hard to ask guys out or is it okay?

Aubrey's answer: It's definitely scary, but I'm trying to get outside of my comfort zone. It helps that it is part of a challenge so the guys understand that I'm not coming on to them. I have to screw up my courage and just do it without thinking too much about it. Our culture has made dating so unnecessarily intense, that not much casual dating goes on anymore. And without casual dating, less relationships occur. I'm trying to help myself and others see that dates can be fun and casual and not just serious and loaded with deep meaning.

She's had so much success that she almost has all of her dates lined up. In fact, she convinced four guys in just one day. Good work Aubrey! Keep it up!

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