September 20, 2011

Our first winner!

In celebration of National Singles Week, I'm giving away a FREE galley copy (an un-proofed version) of my book, 31 Dates in 31 Days.

Congratulations to the first winner:
        Joy Crossman!!!!

Joy signed up for October's nationwide dating challenge, which put her in the running for one of this week's giveaways. Congrats Joy! I'm excited for you!

There are four more days left for this week's giveaway. Here's a quick reminder of how to get yours!

           *Sign up for October's nationwide Dating Boot Camp challenge      
                   Just email with the subject line "sign me up!"
           *Each day during National Singles Week one person will be randomly chosen as a galley winner
           *Everyone who signs up for the challenge will get a FREE copy of my
                    31 Dates in 31 Days "Dating Boot Camp" Starter Kit. It'll help you organize your
                    October project, answer some of your questions, find dates, and will keep you focused.
             *During October, I'll update this site with insights from some people taking the challenge. So be
                    prepared for me to check up on you!

Not interested in the challege but still want the book? You can buy it now online - two weeks earlier than it'll arrive in your bookstore.


janelle said...

Yay!! I love Joy!! I'm so excited for her!!

Anonymous said...

Will Joy be doing the project from NYC like you did?

Tamara said...

Joy will be doing her project from her hometown, just like everyone else who signs up. This is a chance to explore the local sites and check off the hometown bucket list.
Can't wait to see what kind of adventures she'll go on!

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