September 21, 2011

Celebrating *Single*

As we continue to celebrate National Singles Week, I keep thinking about the possible reaction to a week set aside celebrating singledom and solitude. Admittedly, there are moments that I am cynical and think that married people get honored all the time and that throwing singles a week a year is kind of insulting.

Okay, so that's me in a cynical mode.
But then there is the better, grounded, kinder side of me that realizes days and weeks like this are for singles to celebrate their singledom and for us married people to remember to take a lil' time for ourselves and honor our single friends.

Today, I want to celebrate singles and solitude.
I love those moments when I dare to take myself to a movie and order a kids pack. Or go on a long drive by myself or solo vacation. Or sit in a restaurant by myself.
So I took myself to lunch. I sat at the sushi bar, set my phone aside, and enjoyed my spicy tuna. (Same sushi spot where I once saw Bachelor Jake Pavelka sitting alone while I wondered, "how do I know him? Did we date?")

How can you celebrate solitude this week?

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