September 14, 2011


Kiersten + book = mommy's quiet time
You know how there's not really an English term for the people who are related to you but not totally because they're your in-law's siblings? I like to call them "out-laws."

Anyway, one of my outlaws, Kiersten, just posted this picture of her cozying up in her chair in Oklahoma.

I can't believe the book is already there. Amazon, you are fast. Not only are all of the online booksellers offering the book for a bargain price (less than $12!), they're also delivering the book to homes two weeks earlier than it arrives in bookstores. Amazing.

Now, if only there were a word in the English language to describe the feeling of me wanting to pee my pants with nervousness/excitement.

Interview #3 from our alumna who've done their own dating projects. On Thursday you'll meet the woman who turned her failed audition on The Bachelor into opportunity and created her own destiny with dating. I'm so excited to share her story that I can barely contain myself.

ALSO: I'm still issuing the challenge to you and your friends! Are you ready for a change in your love life? Do you dare to date differently?? Here are the details!


Rebekah said...

Just got my copy today. I'm so excited to read it!


Roxanne said...

Funny that you call them 'out-laws'. That's just what I call them (you among them). Looking forward to reading your book.

(Kiersten's mom)

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