August 22, 2011

Marriage Makes You Fat

Just a few days ago, the scientific world was deeming a life of singlehood as an early death sentence. Now, the scientists are reminding me of something that my scale and I have been dealing with over the last 19 months: Marriage is now scientifically proven to make women fat.

Are those the options now? Die single young or live life fat and married? Scientists, why do you pigeon-hole my future based on my marital status?

Post-wedding weight gain is one of those secrets married people hide from their single friends. At least my friends did.
For me, the weight gain hit hard only a month or two after our wedding. I'd moved across the country from walk-everywhere-New York City to keep-your-butt-in-the-driver's-seat Los Angeles. I began writing more. I worked from a home office. I had few friends so I spent a lot of time alone. And I went on the pill.
All of a sudden, I noticed the size 2 jeans in my drawer remained untouched. They laid a little too perfectly in my drawer, looking like they were freshly pressed and ready for sale at The Gap. They'd been replaced by bigger sizes of pants and became the long-lost cousin of my now-preferred yoga pants. I thought I would somehow quickly lose the pounds. I refused to buy bigger pants, thinking somehow my body would readjust to its "natural size." It didn't.
Fast forward to today. I still love my yoga pants. I've finally made my way back to the gym. I have some friends now. It's all good.

What do you think? Does marriage make people gain weight? Is this a reality you're willing to accept?

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