July 27, 2011

Do Boys and Girls Ever Grow Up?

"When it comes to women, all men are 13-year-old boys." 
                         - Keith, my stepdad

My husband just forwarded this video my way, showing that men and women might really just be big kids. First, a quick story.
A few years ago, I had a revelation at my oldest nephew's 10-year-old birthday party. He and his friends had been busy eating gobs of candy and handfuls of cake. None of them noticed - or cared about - the smears of dyed sugar on their faces. Most looked generally unkempt, no matter the struggle their mothers had gone to make them appear as handsome young men.
They stood around the computer, where one boy played a game and the rest watched intensely and silently.
It was then that I recalled similar scenes with men watching video games, football games, television shows. "These boys," I thought, "just stay the same forever! They just get taller."
And now here's that cute video. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I love this video, and it's very true, boys do feel like it's quality time even if it is spend silently watching a football game or playing a single player video game while everyone else watches. I don't think that will ever change.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why mom eggs it on and videos it. The emotional upset isn't funny to me. The boy is right - he shouldn't have to think about something like that at his age. It's clearly stressful. I can see laughing about it for a few seconds...but then move on so the kid doesn't have to sit there and scream and cry. It bothers me to see kids used as funny props in home videos, especially when it involves this kind of emotion.

amy said...

I think those interactions exist independent of youtube. I thought it was kind of cool the girl held her ground :-)

Tamara said...

i love spunky little girls. :)

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