March 29, 2011

Relationship Status: Imaginary

A new company touting that "The easiest way to get a girlfriend is to already have one" will soon offer a social network service like none other: outsourcing a girlfriend. The site is called Cloud Girlfriend and essentially, it gives a guy a virtual girlfriend. According to website founder David Fuhriman's Twitter account, " a site that helps people have a fake girlfriend on Facebook." Essentially, the site helps all those guys who claim they have a hot girlfriend in Canada.

So here's how Cloud Girlfriend works. Guys pay the company to create a Facebook profile of a seemingly "perfect girlfriend" who will virtually interact with the guy as if she's his girlfriend in real life. Fuhriman promises the virtual girlfriends are "not bots" but "real people," and, as he mentioned to the website Quora, "The right virtual girlfriend can be just like having a real long-distance girlfriend, without the hassles."

Real girls, pretending to be someone else, appearing interested in a guy who can't get a girlfriend.

Fuhriman insists this service won't include sex chats or pornography. Instead, it's just a new way of making a guy appear more loveable, helping him gain a higher social perception among his friends, and hopefully will help him gain confidence - and attention - to gain a real girlfriend. Fuhriman told Business Insider that, "The service is therapeutic because it fulfills a man's psychological, emotional needs, and builds his self-confidence. It can also help them navigate real-life situations."

The website hasn't even launched yet and it's already notifying potential customers of the "high demand" is limiting their number of site users. Is this the new social media version of 1-900 numbers? Will it really help guys get the attention they want in real life?



Unknown said...

Doesn't it seem weird to potential users that their "girlfriend" is likely composed of a conglomerate of users of either sex?

Fei said...

Huh. Essentially an online escort service?

I find this pretty hilarious. And sad.

Natasha and Jesse said...

Help him gain confidence and attention to get a real girlfriend? That might work for the guy, but if I knew a guy had a fake girlfriend and I was interested in him it would kind of creep me out honestly.

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