February 10, 2011

One Year Later...

As my husband and I recently celebrated our first wedding anniversary, I couldn't help but think of how things have changed in my life in just one year's time.
Make that two years.

Our anniversary weekend also marked the second anniversary of the launch of my life-changing dating project. I miraculously met a bunch of amazing men who opened my eyes to the greater benefits of dating and love, and somehow I ended up meeting one guy who seemed to be "the kind of guy I would marry."
A year goes by and I become Mrs. Johnson.

As our wedding day approached, I quit my job, packed my NYC apartment, moved across the country, and predicted some sort of nervous breakdown would occur a few weeks after the wedding. It pretty much did. I had somewhat of a major identity crisis. And it lasted... a few months. Or maybe I'm still going through it. I'm not sure.
I dealt myself a bunch of major changes quickly: walking away from my career, flying away from my city, moving in with a boy, becoming "Mrs." So-n-So, and changing my name. Such a doozy.
Change is fast. Transition is slow.

Anniversaries can serve as great moments to reflect how far we've come, to forgive ourselves for not coming further than we'd hoped, and to give ourselves a little bit of a clean slate.

It's also a nice excuse to go on vacation.

images 1, 2, and 3 taken by MegRuth Phototgraphy


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