February 8, 2011

Living in Love Town

Are you living in a city that's prone for romantic bliss?
In honor of our favorite day of love, The Daily Beast has come up with a list of the 50 best cities for love. Here's how they came up with their list:

The Daily Beast ranked the country’s largest cities based on a high prevalence of marriage, a low incidence of divorce, a relatively happy population and a wealth of bars and restaurants to meet and woo a significant other.

After crunching the numbers, they came up with these top 10 cities. If you feel like you've been lookin' for love in all the wrong places, maybe you could head to one of these towns...

#1. San Antonio, TX
#2. Milwaukee, WI
#3. Austin, TX
#4. Virginia Beach, VA
#5. San Diego, CA
#6. Boston, MA
#7. New Orleans, LA
#8. Hartford, CT
#9. Cleveland, OH
#10. Portland, OR

Really?? San Antonio? Milwaukee? What are your secrets??
And Portland? Are you kidding? Tell that to the 23-27 year old versions of me. I spent my prime dating years in Portland. Alone!

Rounding out the bottom of the list were the following:
#41. Dallas, TX
#42. Charlotte, NC
#43. Indianapolis, IN
#44. Richmond, VA
#45. Miami, FL
#46. Cincinnati, OH
#47. Tampa, FL
#48. Riverside, CA
#49. Detroit, MI
#50. Jacksonville, FL

You can check out the full list here


Anonymous said...

Where does New York City fall on that list? Maybe we need more realistic chick-flicks in San Antonio, or Milwaukee!

Tamara said...

:) true!!!

NYC is #34
L.A. is #12

myrnatho said...

I met Richard while living in Riverside, CA (#48 on the list). I wonder if it was so different 38 years ago....naw, I just got lucky!

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