January 4, 2011

The Crazy Ex

You have known that person. You may have been that person. No one likes being remembered as "The Crazy One."

Today I read this great article about America's favorite crazy girl, Lindsay Lohan. Just days after her release from rehab she moved into her new place... right next door to her ex, Samantha Ronson. For some reason, this makes me think of one ex of mine from years ago who moved all the way across the country to the apartment complex next to mine. Somehow his move now seems less crazy.

Lots of people can claim regret over the things we did out of desperation. The emails sent too soon. The long drive to the lost love's home/work/hangout. The weight gain. The weight loss. The tears shed in moments of wondering why the relationship ended. The begging. The bargaining. Crazy doesn't really look great on any of us.
Except maybe on Lindsay.

Okay now your turn. What is the craziest thing an ex has done in your life?

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