December 26, 2010

Congrats! ANOTHER 31 Dates Engagement!

Here's a very important shout-out to Janelle, one of the many girls who was so inspired by my dating project, 31 Dates in 31 Days, that she had to jump into her own 31 dates. Today she's announcing to the world her great news -- Janelle's ENGAGED to her 31st date! Congrats Janelle and Josh! Couldn't be happier for you two!

These two are the second engaged couple I've known to follow my dating project footsteps and find their way to true love.

After my project, my friend, John Canzano used his radio show in Portland, Oregon to set up his buddy Kevin on 5 dates in 5 days. Among the lucky ladies Kevin was hooked up with was Deb Blake, a hot single mom (who happens to be big sis to Lakers' guard Steve Blake). When I finally met Deb in person last Summer, she announced that she and Kevin are engaged to be wed!

I'm really excited for both of these couples. Congrats on taking a risk and shaking up your dating adventures. I am still blown away when I realize all the fantastic ruckus I caused in my own life with my dating project. I'm happy to have helped inspire some risk and ruckus in the lives of others as well!

For those of you continuing your own dating adventures these days, keep having fun and don't give up hope! There is so much fun to be had! I truly believe every person we come across can teach us something, so thank you to each of you for the great lessons you've taught me so far in life.

Congrats again Janelle and Josh... and Deb and Kevin!

1 comment:

janelle said...

YaY!! Thanks again Tamara! :)

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