December 6, 2010

In-laws, Outlaws, and Healing from the Holidays

My in-laws make me sick.

At least that's the conclusion we've all decided. Ever since our Thanksgiving family visit, I've been dealing with the flu. This is par for the course when it comes to family time.

The first time I visited my then-future-sister-in-law, her children all had the nastiest case of the flu. Each kid walked around carrying a big bowl just in case someone else was busy throwing up in the bathroom. I quickly found myself in line, barfing in their toilet.
Somehow my low energy and unattractive presentation didn't leave a bad impression on the family. We all get along really well. And I mean that legitimately, not just because this is a public forum or anything. It's often joked that I married my husband because I was so in love with his family, which... is probably partly true.
But the fact is, I still get sick every time we take a trip to see the in-laws. With so many nieces and nephews, I guess they pass around bugs to everyone. If we don't get sick while we're on vacation, we come home and the virus settles in, forcing us to stock up on ginger ale, tissues, and Saltine crackers.

My brother married well, too. His wife comes from a big, inviting family. They aren't all technically my in-laws, but I still consider them family. More like out-laws.
My husband and I get sick visiting all of them too.

I suppose a few days of the constant destined bout of the flu or a cold or some other unnamed virus is a welcome luxury compared to the awful relationships some people have with their new in-laws...
Granted, I'm still in the first year of marriage. So I still have plenty of time to make my new family sick of me.


Nana said...

OH,no! I was hoping yours was a quick pass. I have been in bed since Thanksgiving - the doctor finally declared it to be a 'bit of pneumonia' today. Jared worked over my sinus(i have no idea how to make that plural) last night, and today my runny nose and coughing is finally better than it has been.
I think you two are just living in the rarefied air of love. Takes a while to build up immunities.

Hey, It's Ansley said...

Maybe you'll build up an immunity. My first year in the clinic - 5 colds. The next year, none!

Michal said...

You were such a gracious guest, content to throw up in a toilet while a sick child bathed in the nearby tub! And so easy to host when you didn't want any meals except for saltines and ginger ale.

And although you and yours may be the ones who generously share your illness with me and mine, we shall never be sick of you!:)

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