October 12, 2010

A Year After "YES!"

A year ago I woke up early in the morning (well... 9am) for a little canoe ride across the lake with Number 31. We pulled up to a little island, dragged the canoe onto the land, and enjoyed the changing leaves on the shore. We started taking pictures."Tam, what kind of face would you make if you were really mad at me?"
"What kind of face would you make if I got down on one knee and pulled this ring out of my pocket?One year later, so much has changed.
I was Ms. and am now Mrs.
We went from east coast to west coast.
I worked with hundreds of people, now I work alone.

But I am still happy and hopeful. I still have big dreams.
I still consider 9am "early."
And I am still so glad I said "YES!" that day.

How have you changed in the last year? How have you stayed the same?


Kari Song said...

happy anni! hope you guys had a great trip! Cute pics. :)

Fei said...

:) I said "Yes" nearly 2 years ago and we've been married for a very blissful half a year.

Before we were married, I was working at the perfect job for me, living it up in the bustling city of Beijing, in a beautiful apartment right in the heart, 5 minutes from work, all to myself, eating out every evening, taking taxis everywhere, traveling to exotic locations every vacation. Living the good life as a single woman.

Now I've moved here to the Inland Empire, CA where there are no tall buildings or many fancy restaurants. The wife of a college student with no job, no driver's license, no public transport, nowhere close enough to walk to, we have a beat up car we are so grateful is still running, share a 3 bedroom house with another couple (as newlyweds!), and I cook all our meals.

But guess what? Life couldn't be better!!!! :)

The things that make a wonderful life really aren't very material in nature.

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