October 8, 2010

15 Ways to Predict a Lasting Marriage

I'm officially turning into my mother. And my grandmother.
When I was a kid, I watched as my mom would open up letters from my grandma. Out would fall little articles that had been carefully cut from the newspaper. My mother would eventually do the same for me, only now she tends to send articles my way via email. And now I get to pass my favorite loving finds along to you.

I find it really interesting when people put a spin on statistics. There's a really great article from The Daily Beast that has analyzed recent marriage statistics to figure out the best indicators of whether your marriage is doomed or destiny. Here's a quick look at the 15 ways to predict a lasting marriage:

1. Be American (the national divorce rate in America has been dropping since 1980)
2. Live in a Blue state (you're 27% more likely to get divorced if you're from a Red state)
3. Minimize your money arguments (couples who argue about finances once a week have a 30% higher chance of divorce than those who don't)
4. People who grew up in divorced families are more likely to get a divorce
5. One of you smokes, one does not: chances of divorce are 75%-90% (many dissimilarities increase divorce risks)
6. Having just a daughter increases divorce risk by 5%
7. Having a solid, shared religion (including atheism) dramatically reduces your risk for divorce
8. Don't live in Wayne County, Indiana (where it holds the nation's highest divorce rate)
9. Previous marriages increase your chances of divorce
10. If the woman is two or more years older than the man, your chances of divorce are higher
11. Those with "below average" intelligence are 50% more likely to divorce than those with "above average" intelligence
12. If a partner has been diagnosed with cervical or testicular cancer, your chances of divorce increase
13. Multiple births increase your risk of divorce by 17%
14. Female "serial co-habiters" are 40% more likely to divorce than those women who haven't lived with other men before marriage
15. Same-sex marriages have higher divorce rates than hetero-sexual marriages

Again, here's a link to the full article. Let me know what you think!


Scrappy said...

Whew! Looks like my marriage is destiny. :-)
It's a great tradition to pass on good/fun information. Keep it up!

Tyler said...

Way to go Tam. All that number crunching makes fostering a lasting marriage as much fun as doing my taxes!

I was on a roll until number 11. 6 and 13 confuse me? So should I just cut my losses if number one is a daughter and live with the 5% spike, or do I try to eliminate that 5% spike by having child number 2 only to find that it just upped my chances by and additional 12%.

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