July 16, 2013

Dishing About Dating, Breakups, and Heartbreak Coaches

Last night I visited the folks at HuffPost Live to chat about dating, heartbreak, and how I decided to go out on 31 Dates in 31 Days after my painful breakups a few years ago.

Our panel discussion was launched by the news that Katy Perry sought the help of a Heartbreak Coach after her breakup with Russell Brand. Admittedly, I'M still getting over the fact that they split. So sad!

Ever since my project unexpectedly led to a totally changed life, I've become a Dating Coach - so of COURSE I'm going to fully endorse the idea of going to a Heartbreak Coach!
Hey, why not?
Going through breakups can be tough. In fact, they can cause some major life traumas. Your friends and family can do wonders when it comes to picking you up off the floor, or getting you off the couch, or handing you another gallon of Ben and Jerry's. But sometimes you might need the unbiased opinion of a third-party. Maybe that comes from a coach, or a therapist, or even just your hair dresser. Either way, if you're headed for heartbreak, I feel for you and hope that no matter how you deal - you heal.

For now, here's the video from last night's interview (and a chance to see me at eight months pregnant. Yowza!):

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