May 7, 2013

Just For Today

I'm putting my newest client on assignment and I think it's appropriate for all of us to take this small challenge.


Act as if you don't mind the outcome

In my own life, I tend to avoid some risks or even some monotonous habits because I'm not so sure it's worth anything. What if nothing comes of it? What if I get rejected? What if it turns out this is a total WASTE OF TIME????

No one is immune to these feelings. So for the next day (and if you're REALLY daring, give yourself five days of this challenge), act as if you're really, genuinely okay with whatever the outcome is of your attempts. This doesn't need to be a permanent mindset. Just a little challenge to see whether you act and react differently to all that's set before you.

I'm taking this challenge on in my own life as I stick my own neck out a little. 
How could this attitude help you today?

Cheers to love, life, and your love life!

Tamara Duricka Johnson is the award-winning author of 31 DATES IN 31 DAYS. She helps successful singles conquer dating dilemmas and offers one-on-one coaching for those ready to take their love lives to the next level.  

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