December 21, 2012

My Doomsday Birthday Wish for New Beginnings

Remember when you were a kid and you counted down the days to your birthday? You'd age yourself as "five and three-quarters." You'd celebrate using TWO hands to tell people how old you were. And if you were like me, you'd have a Christmas advent calendar made as a chain of red and green construction paper-links - with a special blue link in the chain that marked four days before Santa made his landing. That day would mark today, my birthday. And I tell you, I haven't looked forward to a birthday like this in many years. Mostly because of this: 

MAYAN CALENDAR (royalty-free stock photo)
That there is the famous Mayan Calendar that allegedly predicts today - December 21, 2012 - as DOOMSDAY. Doomsday also marks my 35th birthday. And I'm telling you, I have been waiting all year to beat this joke to all of our expected deaths: "Wow! Turning 35 really DOES feel like the end of the world!"

People usually make huge trips to Stonehenge on a day like today. That's because December 21st marks the Winter Solstice. The ancient Druids used to have rituals there to welcome in the new season - and some Pagans still do the same. But this year, tourism BOOMED with visits to the Mayan ruins in Central America. 

Scientists who've been analyzing this Apocalyptic prediction say this day doesn't mark the END as much as it marks the BEGINNING of a new era. And with New Year's Eve right around the corner, what better time than now to make vows of a better tomorrow?

Four years ago, I turned 31 and decided it was time to make some changes in my dating life. So I kicked off my 31 Dates in 31 Days in celebration. This year, to kick off this Doomsday Birthday, I'm looking forward to new beginnings - for me - AND YOU! 
If today really did mark the LAST DAY - what would you do? What hopes and dreams are you still holding onto? What kind of new beginnings are you looking forward to?
Let's make 2013 the year of Change and Chances. Let's dig in and help you find the dreams you've been longing for. I'm likely the world's most unconventional dating coach - having gone from being a "Dater-Hater" to a BELIEVER. So how can I help you believe?

My Doomsday wish? For you to dig deep and think about what you want in the new year - and for you to take the chance and make the changes to get you where you really want to be.
My Birthday wish? This year I'm turning my attention toward YOU. For my birthday, I am helping more singles find their path to more love in their lives - and those who've already found companions to invest more in their relationships. Right now I'm taking new clients - so please send your friends my way. I help people work from the inside out, helping them see their true potential, and making simple goals with major results.
You can always email me to get started: 31datesin31days (at) gmail (dot) com. Let's get you LOVING a more loving life!

In the spirit of this great Doomsday Birthday - cheers to all of us and our HAPPY ENDINGS!

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