October 23, 2012

Dating and Politics

I've heard a lot of people say they avoid talking about politics and exes on the first date. But what happens if you're two weeks away from a presidential election? Can you just keep your votes to yourself?

Evidence of  how 7-Eleven made it impossible
for coffee dates to go without talking politics
Sometimes talking about politics can turn up the heat on a date - and not the good kind. After the heated debates between President Obama and Governor Romney, chances are a good first date can turn nasty if one brings up sensitive issues like Syria and Sesame Street.

Many daters say they're willing to set aside their ballots and don't care whether someone is on the opposite side of the voting spectrum. In fact, 62% of people polled by OurTime.com said that they'd be happy dating their polar political opposite. But in long-term relationships, most couples end up voting similarly. In fact, sharing political opinions is the second-most shared interest among married couples (the first being religion).

Most people don't even talk about politics when they first meet, according to a study called Do bedroom eyes wear political glasses? When it comes to online dating, people are more willing to admit they're overweight than they're willing to admit which party they're registered with. So what do you do when you've been flirting online only to learn that your dreamy blue-eyed beau votes red?

Decide if political affiliation is a deal-breaker - before the date
Are all of your friends similarly-minded? Would you want to throw coffee in the face of someone who will vote for your opponent? Or even someone who's undecided? Before meeting someone for a date, decide if you're too passionate about the current issues. It could be worth it to wait until after election day.

Breathe - and Listen
Sometimes it helps to hear someone else's opinion even if it's not endorsing your own. If nothing else, your willingness to listen makes you seem more approachable - and marketable. You never know, that Donkey of a date might brag about you to his Republican roommate.

The best way to stick to your own personal political beliefs is to use your right to vote. Make an educated and informed decision and go to the voting booth - even if that means you won't be going on a second date.

Happy dating!

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Ruthie said...

I was on a date recently. I actually don't remember what we were discussing but he said something I totally disagreed with. I calmly said, "I have a different point of view." His response was immediate, "Really? Let's hear it!" He was interested and curious to hear what I had to say. He listened and then said, "I can see that."

It was one of the most refreshing conversations I've ever had with someone while disagreeing with them. There was no judgement and no effort to change either's mind, just a willingness to listen and understand.

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