May 16, 2012

Dear Santa (Rosa) - Where Are Your Single Men?

Huge kudos go out to my newest Daring Dater - Beki from Santa Rosa, California. Today she stepped up to the challenge to change her dating life and began by asking all of Sonoma County a question single gals all over the country are wondering about their own hometowns: Where are all the men??
Beki contacted me a few months ago after reading my book, 31 Dates in 31 Days, asked to receive my Dating Boot Camp Starter Kit, and promptly signed up with me to do her own dating challenge. She was gung-ho! Nothing was stopping her! She was destined for dating greatness! And then... something happened.
What could go wrong and lead her astray from such conviction? Her friends were TOO supportive.
How could that be??
Beki had blasted her friends with an email, pleading for help and asking them to set her up on dates. Her friends took her initiative seriously and scoured their workplaces, yoga classes, and I'm sure even the local Starbucks looking for dudes. Their conclusions were similar:
"I don't know any men worthy of you."
"You are awesome and I don't know a lot of awesome guys."
"You are way too amazing for anything around here... These guys just don't get it."

Beki felt conflicted. She was supported by her friends but disappointed in her dating prospects.

"While it's great that my friends think I'm amazing, it's concerning that no one seems to know any quality men. What is most troublesome is the thought that the men here "don't get it" and that I need to move out of my beloved Sonoma County in order to find a quality man."

Could it be true? Were the awesome guys missing from Santa Rosa?
Sonoma County's population is roughly 485,000. Like most cities in America, the male:female ratio is an even 50%. And of every 1,000 Sonoma County residents, 412 are married, leaving LOTS of singles! So if that's true, why are Beki and her friends (and well, every other single gal in America) wondering where the single guys have gone?
Beki decided to press forward and investigate. If the good guys in Santa Rosa are hiding, she's determined to find them. Her hope? To meet some good guys and go on some simple dates. She asks the Santa Rosa single guys:

So where all you hiding? Or are there truly no single men "who get it" in all of Santa Rosa for me to go on a date with?

Here's a link to Beki's full article. I can't wait to hear the response!

So what about you? Is your town a dating desert or dessert?

How about taking on your own dating challenge and becoming one of the many Daring Daters? Let me know if you're interested!
Happy Dating!

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